Who is Mawson?
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When in doubt, head True South

Who is Mawson?

Mawson personifies True South. Interesting, hand crafted and the face that ties the adventure of the beer, the food and the functions into one venue

Or is it the venue into one adventure?… You decide, when you join Mawson on his adventures and experience the new and authentic with a spirit of fun.

Journal Entry One

I took my compass out of my pocket. For some reason I have always been drawn to adventure as if by MAGNETIC ATTRACTION… having always been a man of inner reflection I was here at the beginning of what I’d termed ‘the expedition’. I travelled light, a compass, a rucksack with rations, a change of clothes, and a map. The rest I thought, would come to me.

Sitting in the station house mulling over my pint of ale, I contemplated the best way to begin. When in doubt, head true south was a motto that I had lived by in the past and it appeared that this journey would be no different. Start at the top and work my way south. And so my journey began...

Having boarded the train I wondered what was ahead of me, would I find a lost culture? Or discover a new cuisine? The final destination somewhat unknown I would gather clues along the way. It’s what I’d requested (from my experience it’s never good to learn too much too early). Little did I know I’d never know it all ...

Having never been a man of sterling character, I often like to feel that my wittiness or charm (whatever I deemed more relevant at the time), always determined my position. If nothing else I am a man who makes a distinct impression upon others, particularly with my sense of adventure and raw determination — and it would be these characteristics that would make ‘THE EXPEDITION’ … or so I hoped.

As I stepped on the train I noticed smoke filled the gap between the engine and the platform as if it were oddly floating, waiting. I found my cabin, shut the door behind me, packed my satchel in the rack above me and wrapped myself in the secure walls of the steam train and let it lull me to sleep.

Abruptly I opened my eyes to what appeared to be the end of the line. This was not my intended destination. I looked at the rack above my head, rucksack nowhere to be seen, map, rations compass — all gone! Looking out the carriage window I attempted to find something that could define where I was: a signpost, a landmark, a vaguely familiar face even — nothing!

“Your first clue” came an alluring voice, as I turned she presented a compass. Unbelievably beautiful black hair with a tattoo of a spider on her left arm, I was captivated. Saying nothing I took the item out of her hand and opened the lid. It was a compass, nothing strange about that I thought… except that South now replaced the north and the words ‘when in doubt’ were inscribed on the inside of the compass casing. I looked back up, she had vanished.

Contemplating my next move I noticed out the carriage window the shiny black hair dashing across the platform … it was only natural to follow. What else was a man of such fine character going to do? Steeping past the carriage doors, stepping into this mysterious place, I was immediately intrigued, it had a certain overwhelming care and attention to it. I felt as if I had stepped into another realm it was as if the spirit of this place had somehow been trapped in time, with every detail having a hand-crafted quality, or was i just over come with a nostalgic attitude? It was hard not to be engaged. With my first clue safely in my hands I’d regained my optimism for the future, well my future.

I surveyed my options sensing the world I was about to enter would be unlike any other…

When in doubt, head True South

Public Holiday Trading Hours

2nd Oct (Grand Final) -Open
3rd Nov (Melb Cup) -Closed
25 Dec (Xmas day) -Closed
26 Dec (Boxing Day) -Closed
31 Dec (NYE) -TBC
1 Jan (NY DAY 2016) -Open
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